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  • Workforce and Operations Management

    In today’s markets that demand an always-on approach, effective workforce management is a critical business imperative. It can, however, also be immensely challenging.

    Enterprises in the manufacturing, construction, and service domains work with a diverse range of employees, from blue-collar workers to partners, consultants, gig workers, and more. Managing the workforce operations here is often fragmented involving multiple siloed tools adding to operational costs and inefficiencies.

    Nexuba’s singular suite comprising Time and Attendance, Leaves, Shifts and OT, Employee life cycle, Compensation and Payouts, Employee and Manager self-service and Payroll, simplifies work and provides one source of truth across your organization. nexuba is the only platform you will need for your Workforce Operations and Management.

  • Talent Management for Knowledge Enterprises

    We know, and believe, that a learning organization sets itself up for growth, and therefore for success. The challenge, then, is to design the right systems, structures, and processes that can help build evolving organizations.

    Which skill gaps exist within your organization? How best can these be bridged? , Do employees have the right skills and competencies for the roles they are performing, and are expected to perform? How can employees upskill to be more? Do we have the right tools for talent assessment to identify and bridge gaps?

    The nexuba Talent Management suite comprises Skill planning and development, Talent management, and Talent assessment functionalities. This comprehensive suite provides you with the right tools to manage your talent while always maintaining focus on People and Work.

  • Projects Management for Service Industries

    Successfully delivering Projects requires orchestrated coordination amongst various groups and functions in an organization. Opportunity creation, resource identification and management, recruitment, training, cost estimation, and profitability - these are just some of the many events that need to be managed effectively.

    Multiple siloed systems and spreadsheets are the usual go-to mechanisms for Projects Management. The larger perspective is often lost and organizations continue to be challenged with tracking the status of their projects, getting real-time information on costs, billing and profitability, resource availability, management, and their capabilities.

    With functionality designed and built for Projects Management, this solution suite from nexuba helps you manage your projects and people, resulting in better business outcomes.

  • A-La-Carte

    nexuba is all about modularity. Pick the missing functional blocks and interface them with your existing solutions to complete your Worktech for People Operations.

    Have the latest and greatest HRM system, but they do not support an operational view for your managers across legal entities? We can help with that.

    Need an exhaustive employee-friendly Service Desk functionality? Sure!

    Need tools for automated letter generation to complete the bigger picture? Check!

    Have multiple tools and systems but a fragmented EX?

    Looking for an awesome EX layer on top? You got it.

    Looking for a learning experience platform to manage your various LMS? Don’t look further. Need tools to manage Compensation and Incentives? Skills and competencies?

    Get the picture?

    While our functional suites simplify work with their singular and people-centric approach, we understand that might not be the path you want to go, given your current investments. We are happy to help..

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