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Enterprise DNA TM

worktech platform for people operations

nexuba is a singular digital SAAS platform centered around today's workforce - emps, temps, gigers

  • People & Work, the fundamental pillars of any organization

    People systems are invariably different from work systems. Multiple systems, different databases, different experiences... all working very well individually but not in symphony.

    Work is evolving, people are evolving, technology is evolving. Are organizations evolving to generate continuous value ?

  • The evolutionary organization

    Enterprises need to continuously respond to an ever-changing business context to optimize their workforce, operations and delivery.

    These three pillars represent the DNA of an organization.

    With the rate of change being faster than it has ever been, enterprises need the right tools to align their EnterpriseDNA to continuous change.

  • Evolution by design

    Legacy, departmental and siloed technology hampers enterprise evolution. Shifting the power of data and modern technology from departmental centric to people centric is critical for organizations on their evolutionary journey.

    Nexuba is a worktech for people operations platform, with singular, modular, customizable architecture to support evolutionary organizations, evolutionary workforces and evolutionary ecosystems.

People Centricity

Evolve with the people and for the people

A people-centric approach focuses on the skill, creativity and productivity of an organization's workforce

People are an organizations' greatest asset

the Nexuba Story

We have reimagined enterprise operations centered around people and built nexuba as a global digital SAAS platform to manage all people operations

Solutions Portfolio

Tailored suite of solutions to manage your People Operations. Nexuba's approach of having a singular interface for all people operations across all departments and functions combined with master datasets for Organizational Design, People, Customers, and Projects, helps unlock the value of your enterprise by removing bottlenecks and simplifying work

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