we have reimagined enterprise operations centered around people and built nexuba as a global digital SaaS platform to manage all people operations.

the nexuba code!

  • Thinking guided by 1st principles to simplify the people-work-delivery experience

  • Singular, modular, customizable architecture to support enterprise evolution

  • Solution driven approach to address enterprise problems, get work done

  • Commitment to work with the best talent, partners and ecosystem

  • Culture of professionalism, trust and transparency to foster long-term relationships

our early days..

Nexuba is a global worktech for people operations platform, founded by Srinivasulu Mallampooty. With a firm belief that ‘everything evolves’ for our greater good, Srini has maintained a birds-eye view on the progressive world of technology, workforces and macro-economic market scenarios.

For his latest brainchild, nexuba, he brings together a team of visionary technologists, domain experts and design thinking specialists to reimagine the worktech platform experience. The foundational management team has a clear mandate to build a trusted industry reputation and take the revolutionary platform to markets across the globe.

Srini’s entrepreneurial philosophy, 'creating a happy workforce', comes from the foundational belief, that people satisfied during work, extend that happy experience to their families, friends and society.

is your organization

evolution ready?